Company History

Ora Kitchens and Bath Inc. began as Ora Kitchens Inc. in 2005. Then, in 2009, a group of people who had been in the kitchen and bath design-build-installation industry for many years came together to purchase the business, and Ora Kitchens and Bath Inc. was born. Together, the owners brought several decades of experience and an abundance of passion for kitchen and bath design, building craftsmanship, and installation to their new business enterprise, and that same enthusiasm and professionalism has continued to drive the evolution of Ora Kitchens and Bath over the years since. It informs everything we do here: from the professionals we employ to the service we provide our clients to the dreams and visions we help people to fulfill in the spaces where they live and play.


Our Process

A walk around our extraordinary 10,000-square-foot showroom with a client is a great start to getting a sense of who they are and what they’re looking for. It’s different than flipping through a brochure—very different. Feel the textures and see the colours for yourself. Open and close cabinet doors and drawers. Look at things from all angles.

After a client has visited the showroom and given us a sense of what their vision is, they’ll often leave the store with a few pictures and maybe some samples to take home, so they can get a sense of different colours, textures, and products in the actual room. Then, we’ll schedule an onsite visit in the client’s home to take measurements and give our designer a sense of the space in person. From there, we’ll draw up an initial design and prepare a quote.

The next phase of the process is where we dive deep into the details—here’s where all the nitty-gritty elements get settled. The design is tweaked until it’s just right, and decisions need to be made on things like hardware, cabinet style, and sinks and countertops. By this point, our client has been working with their Ora designer long enough to establish a relationship built on mutual respect. Knowing their designer respects and has a good sense of their end-goals can make the decision-making process much easier for the client. We always want our clients to feel they are making decisions from a fully informed perspective, and never feel pressured.

After the details are settled, we build the kitchen or bathroom to specifications in our own onsite production facility. This ensures that our standards of quality and integrity are met, and keeps the designer close while the project progresses through fabrication. Lines of communication between team members in design and their colleagues in production are always open.

When fabrication is complete, we will schedule an installation time that is convenient for the client, and prepare the space beforehand. This is our favourite part. It’s exciting for everyone involved to watch the design materialize in the client’s home.


Our Facilities

At Ora Kitchens and Bath, Inc., we like to join our clients for a walk around our 10,000-square-foot showroom. Here, they can touch and feel, open and close, get close to, stand back from, measure, and take photos of the real thing, instead of flipping through pictures in a glossy brochure. We find 3D is more inspiring. It gets the creative juices flowing. And it’s often in the conversations we have with clients as we walk through the showroom that we get the best sense of who they are and what their dreams look like.

Once a design is complete and cabinetry is selected, our clients are assured of the same quality and level of service throughout the building and installation phases of the project as they have had up to that point. Ora Kitchens and Bath maintains that standard through the use of its onsite production facility in the construction of cabinetry. Designers are in constant communication with their colleagues in production and installation, and vice versa. For those items that are not made in our production facility, such as stone countertops, we have long-established relationships with esteemed local craftspeople, and oversee all installation to ensure the most professional finish.

Why Choose Ora Kitchens & Bath?

At Ora, we see kitchen and bath design as much, much more than simply selecting different structural elements and hardware for your space. Your kitchen is more than just a stove, a fridge, and some cabinets and countertops—it’s the heart of the home, the place where you gather with friends and family and make and break bread together. Similarly, a well-designed bathroom can be a sanctuary, a quiet refuge in a long day, and an oasis of peace. 

We respect the importance of these vital spaces in the home, and our goal is always the same: to help our clients realize the potential of their unique spaces in ways that meet the needs of their family and their budget, while exceeding their expectations.  

As anyone who has been through the experience knows, kitchen and bath design involves a lot of information and many, many decisions. We believe a good relationship begins and ends with one thing: communication. From our first contact with a client, we provide a one-on-one experience, specific to them and their individual space. Our clients make decisions confidently because they feel informed and respected. Our designers are always there to suggest and guide those decisions based on our understanding of and relationship with the client, but we never push. 

With our own production facility onsite, our design solutions are custom by definition. We understand the process intricately, from idea and inspiration to design, material selection, and installation. For our clients, we are the through line.

When you work with Ora Kitchen and Bath, you are shopping local, supporting a small business, and buying Canadian-made products built right in the heart of Muskoka. It’s something we feel proud of, and we think you should, too.

“We believe a good relationship begins and ends with one thing: communication.”


Our Team

Darrin Graham
Director of Operations

Victoria Aita
Kitchen and Bath Designer

Julie Kennedy
Kitchen and Bath Designer

Melissa Simms
Kitchen and Bath Designer